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Hi! I’m Daniel Stein.

I help people in the areas of special needs, personal training and therapeutics to combine their passion by finding a niche they love. 

I help people become self-employed and build a lucrative career so they can make a difference in other people’s lives while changing their own forever!

I help people find their niche and create lucrative careers they love!
  • Are you ready to start your own business and be self employed?
  • Find your niche in special needs or personal training?
  • Sick of exchanging time for dollars?
  • Tired of constantly finding new clients?

It’s easy for service providers to increase their income by finding their specialty in their industry

Learn the EASY way by getting personal guidance and advice from an industry leader

Are you working a job?

but want a career?

Whether you’re just starting out in the fitness industry, looking for a career change or want to find your niche, I can help you know where to start. You may be looking for advice on how to specialize in a population or guidance on how to specialize in a certain health condition – either way, I can help you find your perfect fitness niche.

Don't get stuck! Let me work with you to help achieve your goals.

Many service providers want to make a difference, but find themselves feeling unappreciated, unfulfilled and not making enough money.

You don’t have to settle for low wages, poor management and toxic working environments! You can find your specialty, make a real difference and get paid to do what you love. And what I love most is using my experience in special needs, fitness and therapy to help service providers unlock their potential so instead of working for your business, your business works for you.

Unlock your potential

Get paid to do what you love!

If you’ve ever wanted to work for yourself, pick your clients, and work with a niche/specialty, I can help unlock your full potential.
  • Passionate about helping others?
  • Want a lucrative career doing what you love?
  • Want to specialize in a population or health condition?
  • Want to make a difference for clients you’re passionate about but don’t know where to start?

1-on-1 coaching

limited availability!

It’s true. Because I am a serial entrepreneur, have a wife and two kids, there are limited sessions available every week.

During your Starter Pack Session, you will: Meet with me virtually over Zoom for an intensive, guided coaching session (50 minute session)

  • Find out how to start building your own business or becoming self-employed as a service provider
  • Find out what you need to do as next steps
  • Know whether you need to get certifications and which one(s)

I call my coaching business Unlocked With Stein because my mission is to help other people unlock THEIR potential! Although I chose to specialize in special needs, I want to help you find your passion!

90 Minute Coaching Session

Virtual 1-on-1 through Zoom
$ 397 One-Time!
  • One 90-minute coaching session with Daniel, virtual and 1-on-1
  • Personalized roadmap with clear next steps
  • Homework to help you achieve your goals
  • Certification recommendations (when applicable)

Many people want to become self-employed or start their own business in fitness, but don’t know where to start. I started Special Strong, which is a fitness business that serves the special needs population.

I’m proud to report that we saw a 200% growth increase within the second year. Special Strong also has the highest engagement in social media marketing for service businesses in the state of Texas.  

Finding my niche in fitness was so rewarding that I am driven to help others unlock their potential.

I’m here to help you combine your passion as a service provider in the helping industry for nearly any population, health condition or demographic. I chose special needs, but you can choose any population or health condition you’re passionate about.

Get clarity around the most popular and most proven strategies for digital marketing. Gain freedom, independence and become happily self-employed and making a difference.

my story

About Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein specializes in coaching fellow helpers in the areas of special needs, personal training and therapy through the process of creating a lucrative, rewarding career.

growing up

At four, Daniel was diagnosed learning disabled. In school, he battled depression, anxiety and hopelessness. At 15, he was fired from his first job for lack of motivation. In high school, he started doing drugs, drinking, and taking steroids. On drugs, he wrecked his car, lost his scholarship and nearly died. On November 11, 2009, a life changing encounter started him on a journey. 

life and marriage

 In 2013, Daniel married his best friend (Trinity) and began pursuing his passion for fitness. He was hired by a weight loss center, which closed months later. Out of a job, he and his wife moved in with his parents and Daniel decided to start his own fitness business in a town with less than 3,000 people. He worked his way up to training over 40 hours a week with zero paid advertising. Next, he joined a big box gym and ranked in the top 5% revenue generators for Lifetime Fitness (ranked 50 of 3500 trainers) within a year. 

founding special strong

After becoming disillusioned with big box gyms, he started Special Strong with his wife. In its first year, his business generated a record high revenue. Today, Special Strong has proudly served over 1000 clients with over 80% seeing progress. If you are a therapist, personal trainer or special needs service provider, Daniel can help you find your niche in any population or health condition.

Now available for public speaking

Book Daniel as a public speaker for your next event. Popular at schools, churches, community and motivational events. To make an inquiry, contact my office manager Donna by filling out the form below.

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